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Accra, Ghana


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If you want to record zero accidents and incidents year round, whether your business is in the healthcare industry, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, construction or other high risk accident prone industries, you have come to the right place.

We offer seminars, targeted and customized training, analysis of company's safety status and safety & accident project management.

The multipronged approach is presented in modules. These modules are best implemented in a phased approach manner. It is said, "Rome was not built in a day." Together with your employees, it is ensured that communication, collaboration and cooperation will be the bedrock of any implementation. 


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Custom designed Competency Based Training after conduction of a Training Needs Analysis for each of the modules of the multipronged approach to safety management.
After completion of such training, the participants will have the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to implement the knowledge acquired in their working environment.

The Competency Based Training prevents the situation where participants score high marks in class but fail to perform on the job.

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Conduct of Gap, SWOT and PESTLE Analysis on an organization's safety status.

The Gap Analysis is to determine the current safety regime versus the desired state.

SWOT Analysis seeks to determine the strengths of an organization's safety regime. These strengths must be recognized and further improved to ensure a robust regime. The weaknesses of the safety regime would also be analysed and a determination made as to the best inputs to be made to counter these weaknesses.

Assessment of the Opportunities to improve safety as well as the threats inherent in the working environment that may destroy all the gains made will be through PESTLE.

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Accident Investigation Panel as the Project Manager to guide the work of the subject matter experts.

Set up a Safety Stratetegic Plan, operationalise it through an Operational Plan and draw up an Implementation Plan

Using the principles of Project Management the implementation of safety objectives is maintained within budget, kept on schedule and ensure the buy-in off all stakeholders at each and every step of the process.


Seminars with workshops on all the various modules of the multipronged approach to safety management. Seminars are not tailor-made to an organisation but offer a good introduction to the module.

Even though the seminar may not necessarily be tailor made for your specific organisation, it still focuses on the core principles and also creates an enabling environment for open communication and discussion among participants.


All other services on offer are tailor made to an organisation.

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